Connect your People, Devices, Machines, Things to a Single Point

What We Do ?

Simply put we automate everything. We connect anything to everything. So you get one seamless integrated IT Platform.

The nature of real-time data is becoming more & more dynamic. From live location data, to identification & authentication, to measuring various sensor data, to social media integration and updates. Today the data is provided not only by a human operator but by automated machines, devices and social networks. Our focus is to provide innovation via a new set of such "Real Time Data" that plugs existing loopholes in supply chain, process errors and mismanagement.A cutting edge tool for real-time analysis. Helping make organizations become nimble, agile and cutting edge.

In essence we create seamless technological solutions that JUST WORK!

How We Do It.

We specialize in few IoT identifiers based on GPS, Biometrics, RFID’s, M2M (Machine to Machine).

Developing end to end solutions with various overlaps like GPS+RFID, GPS+Biometrics, GPS+RFID+Biometrics, GPS+M2M.


Our Innovations


What & Why IOT ?

IoT generally refers to what some call the next-generation Internet, where physical objects are connected via the standard Internet Protocol (IP). Anything from cars to industrial machines to medical devices can be involved — even people and livestock. Using an array of embedded sensors, actuators and a variety of other technologies, these loosely connected "things" can sense aspects of their environment and communicate that information over wired and wireless networks, without human intervention, for a variety of compelling use cases.

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About Nestwell

Our passion not only lies in one technology, our passion lies in integrating different technologies to see how they can make businesses truly INTUTIVE. We integrate anything and everything to build platforms.

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Chat with us on whatsapp