Connected Consumer Touch Points

Customer experience is a journey and we enable great customer experience by optimizing different processes and interactions. Generate leads and stay connected as we help your business succeed. Stay connected with your leads and personalize their experience with integrated approaches. We use RFID | GPS | Bluetooth | Mobile | Digital as the tools to elevate customer experience and automate processes such as Event Registration, social network auto-posting, event photo-booths, customer loyalty programs, payment gateways etc.

We try to understand the proximity of the customer to the brand and enable content, promotions or validate data when that interaction happens.

We use technology like GPS, RFID , Bluetooth and mobile platforms to guage the proximity and have enabled digital platforms like auto emailer, short text msg‘s or analytics to provide brands with accurate and real time data.

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About Nestwell

Our passion not only lies in one technology, our passion lies in integrating different technologies to see how they can make businesses truly INTUTIVE. We integrate anything and everything to build platforms.

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